Stated Income Commercial Loans

Stated income commercial loans may work for you if you’ve tried to purchase or refinance a commercial or investment property, but have been turned down by a bank.

One major reason for a bank turn down may be because you don’t show enough income. This happens frequently to many business owners or other self employed people.  RSA Funding is a nationwide commercial mortgage broker and through our wholesale channels we are now able to offer stated income commercial loans for commercial and residential investment property (1-4 family). Closings are usually within two to three weeks because only limited documentation is required. Loan to values can be up to 80%.  Maximum loan to values will depend on property type and your credit score. Property types include ( but are not limited to) 1 to 4 family non owner occupied, 5+unit multi family, apartment buildings, retail, office, mixed use, and warehouses.

For more information on stated income commercial loans contact RSA Funding at 855-475-FUND or

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<p><a href="">Stated income commercial loans</a></p>
<p>Stated income commercial loans. Close in 2-3 weeks. Most commercial property types along with residential investment property (1-4 family). Loan to values up to 80%. For more information on stated income commercial loans please contact RSA Funding at 855-475-FUND(3863).</p>
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