Stated Income Commercial Mortgage Loans

Many business owners and property investors are now choosing stated income commercial mortgage loans to finance their properties.

There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that most business owners and commercial property owners write off all or most of their income . This makes it very difficult to qualify for a conventional type of loan with a bank. In the past the only option was a hard money or bridge loan. Obviously the rates and short length of term for these loans are very prohibitive. Now investors can use a stated income commercial mortgage loan to buy or refinance a property with a longer term than a bridge loan. Rates will fall between a conventional bank loan and a hard money or bridge loan. Another advantage of  stated income commercial mortgage loans are that unlike a bank loan they can be closed in 2-3 weeks. They only require a minimum amount of paperwork as no tax returns are required. Property types include ( but are not limited to) 1-4 family non-owner, multi-family 5+units, retail, office, hotel, mobile home parks, and warehouses. Loan to values are generally up to 75% ( possibly up to 80% depending on credit, property type, and transaction type).

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<p>Stated income commercial loans. Close in 2-3 weeks. Most commercial property types along with residential investment property (1-4 family). Loan to values up to 80%. For more information on stated income commercial loans please contact RSA Funding at 855-475-FUND(3863).</p>
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